Region Free Home Theatres

Any custom home theatre system requires different equipment, like a high end video projector, high end DVD player, separate amplifiers for each channel controlled by a master preamp or controller, in-wall speakers, and a couple of subwoofers. These custom installations of home theatres are not too expensive and are quite affordable. A very simple home theatre system can be something as simple as a 27-inch TV, a basic DVD player and Hi-If VCR, cheap stereo or AV receiver, and of course speakers.

But the concept of a home theatre has changed. It has become essential to watch the latest world DVD releases. There where the region fee home theatre comes in, which allows you to play DVD discs on the DVD players from any country, whether they are of PAL or NTSC standard. The Region fee home theatres are exceptional in the sense that they can play any video format on your screen. In case you are interested in far more features, then you have the choice to go for some of the latest models which can play any format on any kind of television. Like for instance, you can play your American Region 2 PAL discs on your European NTSC TV and that too without a video converter!

The man difference between a simple home theatre and a region fee home theatre is just that, the latter consists of a region free DVD player which allows you to watch movies in all formats.

Movies are released on DVD at different times around the world, typically America and Europe first, Australia and Japan 6 months later, and Asia about 12 months after the first release. In some cases, DVD movies are available for purchase in Asia or Europe before they are released in American picture halls. Therefore, the film fraternity, in order to save their profit, devised this encoding technique. This regional coding is a type of digital flag made on the disc that tells the DVD player where a particular DVD comes from. This is supposed to prevent the disc from being used by an incompatible player in another country. Like for example, a region where NTSC format is being used as standard, you will not be able to watch movies on your basic home theatre, which uses PAL standard. It’s another matter, if you possess a region fee home theatre. You can enjoy all the overseas movies in any formats on your region fee home theatres.
As regards media, the world is divided into six regions. These Region fee home theatres successfully play the movies from al these six regions without any hassle. The six different regions are USA, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and Latin America, Africa and Russia and the last is China Region.

A region fee home theatre has a multi format television that does not need an exterior PAL or NTSC converter along with it. A full surround sound system also accompanies a region fee home theatre system. Such a system consists of 4 Hi-Fi speakers for left & right surround, which include one rear wireless speaker, and a powerful subwoofer. A total of 500 watts power is sent to the to the system’s speakers which is composed of two large frontals, a center channel, and two surround speakers. It also features Dolby Digital and DTS surround decoding.

Since a region fee home theatre is more advanced, with the customer spending quite a good bit of amount, it is better to find out what is the best available in the market. For this, the equipment specifications have to be looked into and understood for a final choice. While picture clarity is one of the main factors, there are advantages in investing in a robust sound system for its ability to play loud as it maintains the dexterity of music and aggressive movie sound tracks. The overdriving of the circuitry by an ordinary sound system, damages the onboard electronics, which is minimised with a robust system.

With regards to the picture quality, a region fee home theatre surpasses all others. The goal of any playback device would be the reproduction of the original content with clarity. A region fee home theatre utilises advanced progressive scan1 playback techniques and a high grade MPEG video decoders that faithfully represent the image you see at your favorite movie theatre.

The fact is that the purpose of region fee home theatre is expected to provide you with a comfortable entertainment alternative to that of the movie hall, watching that favourite movie in your own time. A home theatre system is far better than just watching a plain-old TV by itself. By having access to a far a better image quality and sound technology of the movie theatre, which allows any region movies to be played, watching a movie in your own entertainment room comfort, you get to enjoy the theatre experience much more.

A region fee home theatre is something that can be customised to your personal needs very easily. There is not one type of a home theatre system. The equipment is available with all different options, which may be the choices for different buyers. It may be possible that you are ready.